I love RAM mounts.  Their universal fitment makes sorting through an ideal mount setup a breeze.  This one size fits all approach while convenient leaves things a bit on the clunky side.  It works, but I like things to button up with an OEM or better than OEM feel.  Things should belong.  That said, I’ve had my Garmin Montana mounted to my bike with Ram mounts since I got my bike.  It’s worked, but I never felt 100% secure and well….the bulk.

So I got down to mouse clicks and relations in Solidworks.



Garmin Montana on Mount


Ram Phone Mount
Mount Alone


From here things went into production in the tool room.  This happened quick, so a lack of pictures, but things came out smooth.

Fresh off the CNC

Now it was time to test fit on the bike.

Lingering RAM Mount
Just the AMPS mount
Now that looks like it belongs there


And now we can roost to test.  Happy wheelin


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